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Наши бренды


Мы производим профессиональное оборудование для систем безопасности


Интегрированное решение для цифрового многоканального видеонаблюдения, систем контроля доступа и охранно-пожарных сигнализаций
Широкий модельный ряд видеокамер российского производства, включающий в себя камеры модульного, купольного, уличного и уличного с ИК-подсветкой исполнения
Digital Duplex 
Самые известные переговорные устройства «клиент-кассир» на Российском рынке
Широко распространенные миниатюрные микрофоны. Используются в цифровых системах видеонаблюдения и аудиоконтроля с высокими требованиями к качеству сигнала.
Новейшая система контроля доступа Exsnet предназначена для обеспечения безопасности на тех объектах, где необходимо ограничить доступ посторонним лицам.

The COMCOM Group of Companies is a Russian company that has been manufacturing and successfully supplying electronic devices, as well as boards and other equipment on the territory of the Russian Federation and the EAEU countries since 1996.

We take our work seriously, all our projects are carried out with entrepreneurial responsibility and are consistent in achieving our goals. It is easy to cooperate with us for several reasons:

- we promptly inform about important changes for the company, thereby creating a basis for trust-based cooperation.

- we consider honesty in cooperation within the company and with business partners to be an important prerequisite for our success.

- we promise only what we can fulfill, consider promises as an obligation and act in accordance with the law

During the period of production activity, the company's assortment has grown significantly from single models.

Currently, GC "COMCOM" produces the following products:

DD (Digital Duplex) – standard intercoms (for cash registers, information desks, etc.), with loud notification functions, with recording of negotiations on an SD card or data transfer to an organized FTP server;

Germikom – outdoor infrared spotlights, IP66 power supplies, IP66 junction boxes, video call panels, heated thermal jackets, REA boxes;

SHOROH – active microphones for video and audio surveillance systems, as well as induction translators for organizing work with hard-of-hearing citizens;

EXSNET – ACS components, readers and controllers for building control in small offices

Contract manufacturing is what we are able to do, at the request of the customer we can perform a certain segment of the project or produce a product from "A" to "Z". The full range may include the development of printed circuit boards, chip and dip mounting, firmware of electronic components, assembly, labeling, packaging and shipment at the request of a partner.

It is important to note that we are ready to provide warranty and post-warranty support for equipment manufactured under contracts.