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Tne microphone SHOROH-8 for video surveillance

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Tne microphone SHOROH-8. The use o a miniature active microphone SHOROH-8 provides quality sound in the field of video surveillance, safety and security. The distinctive feature of the microphone is high sensitivity and low noise level integrated amplifier. The automatic gain control (AGC) of output signal supported output constant signal level irrespective of sound level controlled indoor. The microphone SHOROH-8 is provide a quality sound on standart monitors and recorders. IT can be used together with audio drive boards "Ewclid-A" through standart linear audio output. By means of integrated of the AGC it can be used in indoor with high soundproofing.
Features of the "SHOROH-8" is:
Presents of AGC is supported the constant signal level at change of sound volume
The low consumption of current
The nickel-plated corpus is protect the circuit from the electrical interference
Miniature size

The microphone scope of application is use in indoor and on the streets for support audio control in systems of security. The miniature and active microphone is destined for providing high-quality sound in video surveillance, securities and safety. The distinctive feature of the microphone is high sensitivity, low noise level integrated amplifier and also high noise immunity secured of corpus from nickel-plated aluminum. The presence AGC input signal support the constant quality signal in output regarless of sound level in the controlled indoor. The microphone can be connected with low-pass input of video recorders and video monitors, that allows without problems make an audio recording. Designed for installation in placements with a low echo level.
The microphone SHOROH-8 - is a miniature active microphone with AGC, meets the requirements for telephony systems.

Technical specification:
Automatic signal regulation - yes
Acoustic range - up to 10 m
Bandwidth - 60-16000 Hz
Signal level (output voltage) - 0,6 V
Corpus - is protect metal cylindrical shape
Max length line passing sound signal - 300 m
Power voltage - DC7,5...16V
Current consumption - 0,03A
Size - D12xD35/47 mm
Operating temperature range - 10C...+50C
Weight - 12g

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