Street infrared spotlight XR-30 (25W) Germikom

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Street infrared spotlight XR-30 (25W) Germikom.

XR-30 (25W) Germikom is a street IR spotlight; illumination angle 30; illumination distance from 60 to 120 m (depending on the type of video matrix); radiation range 850 Nm; 12 V / 2.1 A; power consumption 25 W; size: 226x89,5x132 mm; perating temperature range: -45C ... +40C. The corpus color is black. Number of LEDs: 360 units. Super powerful flow of IR lighting allows to perform high-quality night illumination of objects and get a reliable image similar in quality to the day,in the IR spotlight uses at least 180 IR LEDs.

Features of IR spotlight:
1. Very powerful IR light stream, allowing you to use video surveillance cameras with any matrix
2. High protection class against water and dust to IP 66
3. Automatic switching on when the light falls and automatic switching off when the light raising(when ordering, you can make individual settings)
A demonstration of the IR spotlight operation at night can be seen on the example of the spotlight operation

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