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intercom "Client cashier" Model Digital Duplex 205T HF

Артикул: 205Т HF
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Appointment of intercoms:
Internal speakerphone The digital duplex model DD-205 T HF is intended for negotiations with cashiers or operators with a client through glass partitions. This hands-free device is the main component of a security system for cash registers. In this case, 8 independent noise detectors are used, which adapt to the ambient background. Digital Adaptive Detector (DAD) - A digital detector of adaptive activity for a few seconds can reduce the ambient background during long pauses between conversations. The use of such devices is very effective, for example, in shopping centers, at railway and bus stations, at airports, where the level of background noise is rather high. The client can simultaneously speak and listen to the operator. The operator also provided the opportunity to adjust the sound volume and sensitivity of the microphone, as well as, if necessary, turn off the microphone so that the client could not hear what was happening in the room behind the soundproof partition.

In the case of digital settings, in particular, LED status adjustment is provided; Built-in non-volatile storage of current sensitivity and volume settings during a power outage. The sound of the lessons of the keys that change their pitch will prompt the operator at what level of sound and sensitivity of the microphone the intercom is set. The mode, along with previous digital technologies, also uses a digital speech detector and automatic control of the gain of customer voices. The presence of Line Out allows you to output sound to external loudspeakers, a loudspeaker and to produce high-quality recording of conversations when connecting an intercom to a recording device. Integration with the Ewclid® video surveillance system and the audio monitoring system is possible.

A flexible microphone design, designed with improved ergonomics, will help adjust the intercom to the appropriate height, so that the operator will be protected from an uncomfortable position during a call.

Vandal Calls External Panel
The external panel of the anti-vandal call "Topaz" protects the device from mechanical stress, damage and temperature changes (operation mode from -40 to +60). This calling panel uses automatic microphone sensitivity adjustment, speaker volume, the ability to embed a hidden surveillance camera. Protection against moisture and splashes of this model provides a double layer of varnish deposited on the printed circuit board panel. Thanks to the abrasion-resistant connection on the operator's console and high-quality powder paint covering the client panel, the intercom retains its original appearance for a long time and is well protected from chips.

The Topaz accounts panel can be installed where the installation of a classic “dimensional” panel is impossible, for example, on narrow door frames of doorways, gates. The kit includes an angle mount, with which the panel is installed at an angle of 45 °. Panel installation is possible both inside and outside.

Special features
The intercom DD-205 T has a number of functions:
The boom length of the microphone is 33 cm
Vandal-resistant miniature shockproof panel
Line audio / mixed /

 Manufacturer GC "KOMKOM"

4-wire connection scheme
Maximum line length (m) 300
Case of the operator's console ABS plastic
Subscriber's body material Aluminum
Adjusting the volume of the operator's console Electronic
Subscriber panel volume control Automatic
Bandwidth operator's console (Hz) 250 - 4800
Bandwidth subscriber panel (Hz) 300 - 4800
The power output of the operator's "cashier" (W) 0.7
The output power of the subscriber panel "passenger" (W) 0.6
Operating temperature range of the operator’s console (degrees C) 0 ... + 60
The operating temperature range of the subscriber panel (degrees C) -45 ... + 60
Dimensions of the operator’s console (mm) 550x130x50
Subscriber's panel dimensions (mm) 46x110x26
Operator’s console weight (g) 240
Mass of subscriber's panel (g) 130
Power supply (Volt) 9-12 volts
Consumption in operating mode to (mA) 120
Stand-by consumption up to (mA) 25

 Spheres of application

· Railway ticket office
· Currency exchange offices, with the need to ensure security
· Theater tickets
· Cinema box office with the need to connect the hands free headset
· Security posts
· Gas station with the ability to connect external audio amplifying devices
· Air tickets with a high level of ambient noise
· etc.

1. "MIC OFF" Disables the microphone of the operator’s console.
2. "POWER" Power on / off.
3. "-VOLUME" Decrease the volume of the operator’s console.
4. "+ VOLUME" Increase the volume of the operator’s console.
5. "-SENSITIVITY" Reducing the sensitivity of the operator’s microphone.
6. "+ SENSITIVITY" Increase the sensitivity of the operator’s microphone.
Each press of the “+” or “-” button is accompanied by a single-tone beep. When the control limit is reached in “+” or “-”, the tone of the sound signal changes.

Subscriber panel design:

1. Fastening hole
2. Microphone
3. Speaker 

Fastening external anti-vandal calling panel "Topaz"

The basic configuration of the device Digital Duplex includes:
· Operator's console
· Laid on anti-vandal call panel "Topaz"
· Fasteners
· Power Supply
· Instruction 

Distinctive features of intercom models Client Cashier Digital Duplex:

DD - Intercoms Client Cashier Digital Duplex

205 - model without operator call button

215 - model with operator call button

HF - if there are these letters then a model with connectors for connecting Hands Free Headsets

Long - 52 cm long operator tripod (without 32cm)

T / T- modification of the client panel Topaz / Topaz

G / H - modification of the client panel Gloria / Gloria

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