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Miniature microphone SHOROH-13 without AGC

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Miniature microphone SHOROH-13 with adjustable high-sensitivity signal, this is an active miniature microphone without AGC. Acoustic range operation in the range from 2 to 15m. Bandwidth 60-16000 Hz, meets the requirements for telephony systems. The recommended distance to the audio object is at least 2 meters, the signal level (output voltage) is 0.6 V. The protect metal cylindrical corpus is the best guard on electromagnetic interference caused by third-party devices (mobile and radio phones, walkie-talkies, etc.). The maximum length of the audio signal transmission line without loss of quality is 300 m. The power voltage is from 7.5 ... 14.8 V DC, the current consumption is 30 mA. Sizes: D12xd50mm; D12xD55 m;D12xd35mm. Operating temperature range-10C ... +50C.

Application: Mini microphone SHOROH-13, is active and is able to provide very high-quality sound not only within the industrial microphone, but also in security and video surveillance systems. Due to its ultra - high sensitivity level is ideality for video surveillance applications, security and safety in places where it is important to hear at a decent distance. The model of the miniature microphone SHOROH-13 is specially designed for use in all circuits where previously installed microphones SHOROH-1, SHOROH-5 and SHOROH-3 with the only difference that in previous versions it was not possible to adjust the output signal level directly on the microphone itself. In fact, the SHOROH-13 is a modern analog of the SHOROH-1, SHOROH-3 and SHOROH-5 microphones, but with superior technical and economic indicators than its predecessors. A distinctive feature of the microphone is its mega sensitivity, the ability to manually adjust the level of output, and the minimum noise level of its own amplifier (for microphones with this type of sensitivity). The microphone provides high-quality audio output for all standard monitors and writing devices (tape recorders). Ideally compatible and can be used together audio draiver boards "Ewclid-A" through standart linear audio output.

Features of the "SHOROH-13" is:
Optimal combination of price and quality
Minimum current consumption
Metal corpus that protects against electromagnetic interference
Optimized sizes
The microphone has no restrictions on use - whether indoors or outdoors to provide audio monitoring in security systems.
This miniature active microphone is designed to" remove " high-quality sound in video surveillance, security and safety systems.
The microphone is connected to the bass inputs of recording devices, which allows you to record audio without problems
The recommended range of audio monitoring is from 2 to 15 meters

Technical specification:
Automatic signal regulation - no
Acustic range - from 2 to 15 m
Bandwidth - 60-16000 Hz
Signal level (output voltage) - 0,6 V
Corpus - is protect metal cilindrical shape
Max length line passing sound signal - 300 m
Power voltage - 7,5...14,8 V DC
Current consuption - 30 mA
Size - D12xD50 mm; D12xD55mm; D12xD35mm
Operating temperature range - 10C...+50C
Weight - 12g

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